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Does Foundation Repair Take Long?

There are many factors that affect the length of time needed to repair a foundation. Some homeowners would like to get their foundation fixed right away, but that’s not possible. There’s a certain process involved in foundation repair and each process has to be performed meticulously to get the results that you want.  

Generally, foundation repair takes one to three days. The actual time to complete the task will vary according to the complexity of the repair required. Here are some of the factors that could affect the foundation repair expert’s time frame: 

1. The extent of the damage.  

It follows that the bigger the damage, the more time is needed to repair the foundation. If you fix the problem with the foundation early, then you won’t have any problem. But if you have neglected the problem for way too long, then it will be a more complicated and expensive process for you.  

2. The size of your home.  

The size of your home is proportional to the size of your foundation. So, a bigger house with a major foundation issue will take longer to fix than a small house that needs minor repairs. Fixing the foundation of a big house is also more expensive.  

3. The number of piers that have to be installed.  

Every foundation repair work is different. It’s best that you ask the Fort Worth foundation repair expert how many piers are needed to repair your home. If they require just one or two, then it’s going to be a rather quick job. If they need 20 piers, then you can expect that it’s a process that could take quite some time.  

4. Type of piers to be installed  

There are different piers used to fix the structural issues of a home’s foundation. Good examples are concrete pilings and drilled piers. Pressed concrete pilings are easier to install than drilled piers. Drilled piers follow a different installation method, which constitutes pouring concrete and waiting for it to dry.  

5. Whether interior or exterior pilings are installed.  

Interior pilings are more complicated to install because it means that the floor has to be torn down. The piers will have to be inserted into the floor as well. After that, the hole has to be patched as well. Installing exterior piers is not as complicated as this method.  

Hiring the Professionals  

To ensure that your foundation repair is completed fast and efficiently, you have to hire only the best foundation repair experts in your area. That’s your guarantee of getting quality services at all times. Repair your home’s foundation is not an easy task. As a matter of fact, it’s something that involves the work of a licensed structural engineer.  

With that said, never hire contractors that are not duly licensed or qualified for the job. Nobody could repair foundation issues other than the specialists. Don’t cut corners and hire a construction contractor or worse, a handyman. You have to consider the safety of your family and the integrity of your property at all times.  

How to Hire a Tree Service Provider

It’s not easy to hire a tree service that will care for all of the trees in your backyard. You have to answer a lot of questions prior to hiring a tree company. First off, is your city offering tree care if it’s planted in an easement? What should you do if your home is threatened by a tree? How can tree damage to power lines be resolved? The presence of these issues means you’ve got a tree problem and you’ll definitely need a tree service provider to assist you. By seeking help from a Euless tree service provider, all these questions are easily answered. 

There are different types of tree care and maintenance services with each of their purpose unique. Generally speaking, since we are not as experienced or knowledgeable with trees and plants as arborists are, we must leave tree care and tree issues in the hands of these professionals. In addition, skilled tree service providers have the equipment, supplies, and tools needed to do the job. They are experts in handling these devices, which means you’re saving yourself time and money while keeping your property safe from additional damage.  

Most Important Tree Services  

Two of the most important tree services that homeowners need include tree pruning and tree trimming. Tree trimming is done every a couple of years or so. Some experts may recommend trimming for four to five years and that’s okay. Always heed the recommendation of your arborist. Touch-up trimming may also be done each year to make sure your tree looks healthy and beautiful.  

Tree pruning, on the other hand, is done as a precaution. If there are branches that are low hanging, they can drop to the ground and cause other accidents, even fire. Experts will say what kind of trimming the trees need to keep based on their position and to maintain their health.  

The other equally important tree services include tree cutting, stump removal, and hedge trimming. All of these are offered by tree service experts. You don’t need to request these services regularly, but only as needed. The tree professionals will also tell you when the next service is expected to be.  

How to Hire Reputable Tree Service Providers 

How can you find a qualified tree company? Professional tree contractors must do an assessment of your trees and property before providing you with a quote of the service. They should also set your expectations so you know what will happen as they start doing the work. They must be able to help you with a lot of other things, like saving dead trees by fertilizing, treating, and spraying the tree.  

The tree company that you hire should also inspect trees that are diseased, injured, or infected. After diagnosing the problems with the tree, they should give you an action plan on how to correct them. Nobody else can do an accurate diagnosis of your tree other than an arborist. Arborists spent years studying soil science, entomology, pathology, horticultural practices, and botany. Consulting with any other expert may bring your trees more harm than good. 

Should You Worry about Foundation Cracks?

Foundation cracks may be a sign of a structural problem. But just like anything else, no two cracks are ever the same. The crack in your neighbor’s foundation may be different from yours. His may require a major repair while yours is just a minor wrinkle. Some cracks may easily be a DIY project as well.

Cracks are a cause of concern because after all, the foundation is that part of the house that supports its entire weight. If it’s cracked, then its strength is compromised. You don’t want to live in a house that could fall down at any time. So, the best thing to do is to call a Denton foundation repair expert to have it inspected. Here are some things that you have to know about foundation cracks: 

1. Hairline cracks are not a major issue.  

Don’t sweat hairline cracks because this may just be caused by settling of the concrete as it cures. This may show a year after construction and it’s no thicker than the width of the hair or sewing thread. They are often seen on the walls of the basement, usually near the corners of the doors and windows. More often than not, these cracks are normal. But if you want to make sure, you can go ahead and talk to a foundation repair expert about it.  

2. New narrow cracks should be monitored.  

While hairline cracks are not a cause for concern, narrow cracks should be closely monitored. Narrow cracks are about an eighth of an inch thick. This may also be caused by settling so it may or may or may not be a problem. Monitor it by marking the crack with a pencil at both of its ends. It’s best that you also write the date when you marked it. Go back to the crack after a few months and see if it has gotten wider. If it didn’t expand, then the crack is indeed due to settling and you can fix it by applying grout or putty over it. If it expanded, then it’s time to call a foundation repair expert.  

3. Horizontal cracks near the floor are not structural problems.  

Usually, those cracks on the floor are caused by the concrete failing to bond completely with the walls. This is yet another issue caused by settling. These cracks may be up to half an inch wide. This can only be a problem if it is letting moisture in. So, to make sure, it’s best that you seal the crack using epoxy.  

4. Any crack wider than half an inch should be checked by the expert.  

Cracks that are bigger or wider than half an inch is a cause for concern. It’s a great idea to invite a foundation repair expert over to check it. It means that they’ll go ahead and inspect the foundation for structural problems. Cracks that are this big may or may not be a problem. To be safe, seeking the opinion of the professional would help ease your mind by applying the necessary repairs early on.  

How Trees Damage a Home’s Foundation

Planting trees in your yard is a wonderful thing. Trees can add value to your home because it adds to your property’s curb appeal. However, a tree has to be well-maintained for it to be a property value booster. Otherwise, you have to take down that tree or else it can do a lot of damage, more particularly to your home’s foundation.  

For starters, trees soak up large volumes of water, drying out the soil around your house. This is one of the reasons why foundations get damaged. You’ll know if your home’s foundation has been compromised if and when your house looks like it is sloping towards the bushes or trees. There will also be signs of damage to the structure itself. If you do notice some of these damages then it is time that you hire a Cypress foundation repair expert to help you resolve the problem.  

How Trees Damage a Home Foundation  

Trees that are growing on the side of a house could cause the foundation to move. The side where the tree is could settle because the soil lost some of its moisture. When soil loses moisture, it will shrink and separate from the bottom. Over time, that void between the soil and the home foundation will become large. That’s when the foundation will start to collapse, as evidenced by the cracks.  

Small trees need 15 gallons of water each hour on a hot summer day. Larger ones may require up to 200 gallons. That’s a major problem for your home. That’s why you have to manage the tree and the foundation so that you won’t have any problems with either of them, especially if you intend to keep the tree in your property.  

How to Prevent Foundation Damage Caused by Trees  

Foundation damage can be prevented by following the tips below. Again, don’t hesitate to seek the help of a foundation repair expert if you detect that there’s a problem with your home’s foundation. An ounce of prevention is always better than cure.  

1. Get your yard landscaped.  

Landscaping is the key to getting your trees at bay. Don’t plant trees on your own, if you haven’t done so. You have to seek the expert suggestions of landscapers. They certainly know the proper placement of trees so that they won’t affect your home’s foundation at all.  

2. Use soaker hoses.  

Soaker hoses are useful technologies that protect the soil from evaporation. These hoses keep the soil moist by feeding the tree roots. They also keep roots from growing under the center of your home. Ask your landscaper or a foundation repair expert on how to install them.  

3. Use root barricades.  

Root barricades are also helpful to manage the growth of the root of the trees. These barricades will keep the root from growing towards places they shouldn’t be. While they’re not 100% foolproof, installing them is way better than not installing anything at all. They’re needed if you have large trees on your property that could possibly reach the foundation of your home.   

Home Foundation Maintenance Tips and Tricks

If you’re not so sure if your home’s foundation is still as strong as it once were, then it’s time to call a foundation inspector to put your worries to rest. The inspector will check the durability of the foundation to make sure that your home can still stand up after the next storm. 

However, that task can be rather frustrating, not to mention costly. There are simply a lot of problems to resolve, such as foundation cracks and water damage. Like what they always say, prevention is better than cure. So, it’s best to practice foundation maintenance as early as now so you don’t have to deal with major foundation problems in the future. Early detection will keep your home standing tall for many years more. Here are some helpful tips for regular homeowners like you: 

1. Visually inspect for cracks.  

It won’t hurt if you check your foundation for cracks every so often. Cracks can lead to long-term damage to your home’s foundation so you have to address them as soon as you see them. What you notice as a hair-line crack now can grow into a thick one in a matter of days. It’s best that you tell the foundation repair expert the exact date you saw the crack and how much it as changed since then.  

2. Keep the soil around the foundation moist.  

Soil can put stress on your foundation. Since soil constantly expands and contracts, the best way to handle it is to keep it moist all the time. There are soaker hose systems that can be used for this purpose. It is best that you install these systems during the driest months of the year. They will keep the soil from drying quickly. They also work during wet months, as they can keep the soil from swelling.  

3. Keep water away from the foundation.  

While the soil has to be moist, the foundation should remain dry. So, if there’s anything that causing water to seep into your home’s foundation, address them right away. Two of the most common culprits are stormwater coming from your roof and sprinkler water coming from your lawn. Be sure that problems with these two are fixed before water can drench and damage the foundation.  

4. Remove trees that are growing near the foundation. 

Trees tend to grow expansive roots that could find its way into your foundation and damage it. If you think that a tree is planted too close to your home’s foundation, don’t wait for it to grow really big that it will move the earth under it. You shouldn’t be concerned with just the roots. The leaves overhead can also be a problem because they can direct water into your foundation or clog your gutters, causing them to overflow.  

If you notice any of these problems in your home, then it strongly recommended that you have them fixed before they affect the foundation. If you’re unsure whether your foundation has been damaged, hire the Corpus Christi foundation repair experts to help you out.