Planting trees in your yard is a wonderful thing. Trees can add value to your home because it adds to your property’s curb appeal. However, a tree has to be well-maintained for it to be a property value booster. Otherwise, you have to take down that tree or else it can do a lot of damage, more particularly to your home’s foundation.  

For starters, trees soak up large volumes of water, drying out the soil around your house. This is one of the reasons why foundations get damaged. You’ll know if your home’s foundation has been compromised if and when your house looks like it is sloping towards the bushes or trees. There will also be signs of damage to the structure itself. If you do notice some of these damages then it is time that you hire a Cypress foundation repair expert to help you resolve the problem.  

How Trees Damage a Home Foundation  

Trees that are growing on the side of a house could cause the foundation to move. The side where the tree is could settle because the soil lost some of its moisture. When soil loses moisture, it will shrink and separate from the bottom. Over time, that void between the soil and the home foundation will become large. That’s when the foundation will start to collapse, as evidenced by the cracks.  

Small trees need 15 gallons of water each hour on a hot summer day. Larger ones may require up to 200 gallons. That’s a major problem for your home. That’s why you have to manage the tree and the foundation so that you won’t have any problems with either of them, especially if you intend to keep the tree in your property.  

How to Prevent Foundation Damage Caused by Trees  

Foundation damage can be prevented by following the tips below. Again, don’t hesitate to seek the help of a foundation repair expert if you detect that there’s a problem with your home’s foundation. An ounce of prevention is always better than cure.  

1. Get your yard landscaped.  

Landscaping is the key to getting your trees at bay. Don’t plant trees on your own, if you haven’t done so. You have to seek the expert suggestions of landscapers. They certainly know the proper placement of trees so that they won’t affect your home’s foundation at all.  

2. Use soaker hoses.  

Soaker hoses are useful technologies that protect the soil from evaporation. These hoses keep the soil moist by feeding the tree roots. They also keep roots from growing under the center of your home. Ask your landscaper or a foundation repair expert on how to install them.  

3. Use root barricades.  

Root barricades are also helpful to manage the growth of the root of the trees. These barricades will keep the root from growing towards places they shouldn’t be. While they’re not 100% foolproof, installing them is way better than not installing anything at all. They’re needed if you have large trees on your property that could possibly reach the foundation of your home.