There are many factors that affect the length of time needed to repair a foundation. Some homeowners would like to get their foundation fixed right away, but that’s not possible. There’s a certain process involved in foundation repair and each process has to be performed meticulously to get the results that you want.  

Generally, foundation repair takes one to three days. The actual time to complete the task will vary according to the complexity of the repair required. Here are some of the factors that could affect the foundation repair expert’s time frame: 

1. The extent of the damage.  

It follows that the bigger the damage, the more time is needed to repair the foundation. If you fix the problem with the foundation early, then you won’t have any problem. But if you have neglected the problem for way too long, then it will be a more complicated and expensive process for you.  

2. The size of your home.  

The size of your home is proportional to the size of your foundation. So, a bigger house with a major foundation issue will take longer to fix than a small house that needs minor repairs. Fixing the foundation of a big house is also more expensive.  

3. The number of piers that have to be installed.  

Every foundation repair work is different. It’s best that you ask the Fort Worth foundation repair expert how many piers are needed to repair your home. If they require just one or two, then it’s going to be a rather quick job. If they need 20 piers, then you can expect that it’s a process that could take quite some time.  

4. Type of piers to be installed  

There are different piers used to fix the structural issues of a home’s foundation. Good examples are concrete pilings and drilled piers. Pressed concrete pilings are easier to install than drilled piers. Drilled piers follow a different installation method, which constitutes pouring concrete and waiting for it to dry.  

5. Whether interior or exterior pilings are installed.  

Interior pilings are more complicated to install because it means that the floor has to be torn down. The piers will have to be inserted into the floor as well. After that, the hole has to be patched as well. Installing exterior piers is not as complicated as this method.  

Hiring the Professionals  

To ensure that your foundation repair is completed fast and efficiently, you have to hire only the best foundation repair experts in your area. That’s your guarantee of getting quality services at all times. Repair your home’s foundation is not an easy task. As a matter of fact, it’s something that involves the work of a licensed structural engineer.  

With that said, never hire contractors that are not duly licensed or qualified for the job. Nobody could repair foundation issues other than the specialists. Don’t cut corners and hire a construction contractor or worse, a handyman. You have to consider the safety of your family and the integrity of your property at all times.